Protect your building and occupants with our professional fire door  installation and maintenance services.

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Fire protection solutions

Elevating your building's fire safety range

At Full Range Fire Safety in Sydney, we specialize in fire solutions, including installation, maintenance, and stopping services. Our certified technicians ensure compliance and tailor plans for optimal protection. Trust our experienced team for premier fire safety measures, safeguarding your building and occupants.
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Fire Doors

At Full Range Fire Safety in Sydney, we specialize in fire door installation and maintenance, ensuring buildings meet optimal safety standards. Our certified technicians provide expert installations tailored to specific needs, guaranteeing maximum protection. With annual testing and adherence to AS1905.1 standards, our fire doors feature automatic closure and FRL tags. We offer comprehensive AS1851 maintenance to keep doors in prime condition. Contact us for a personalized fire door solution to safeguard your building and occupants.

  • Steel Frames
  • Maxi Fire Doors (47mm thick)
  • Mini Fire Doors (37mm thick)
  • Sliding Fire Doors
  • Oversized Doors
  • Fixed Panels
  • Fire Door Upgrades in conjunction with council orders.Repairs to fire doors in conjunction with annual fire safety defects inspections issues by fire safety practitioners.
Harnessing excellence in fire safety solutions

Key benefits of choosing Full Range Fire Safety

Experience peace of mind with Full Range Fire Safety's comprehensive  approach to fire stopping solutions. Our commitment to excellence  extends to every aspect of our service, ensuring optimal protection for  your building and its occupants. Explore the key benefits of partnering  with us below.
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Experienced Technicians

Our expert technicians are trained in the latest fire stopping  techniques and fully understand local building codes. Trust us for  precise installations that meet safety standards.

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Customer Satisfaction

At Full Range Fire Safety, we focus on your unique needs. We collaborate  closely to create customized fire stopping plans tailored to your  requirements. Your satisfaction is our priority at every step.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Ensure fire stopping effectiveness with our ongoing maintenance services, keeping your systems optimal and safe affordably.

Fire Stopping

Fire  stopping is a critical aspect of building safety, designed to prevent  the spread of fire and smoke through gaps and penetrations in walls and  floors. At Full Range Fire Safety, we understand the importance of fire  stopping and offer a range of services to meet the needs of building  owners and managers.

One of the key benefits of working with Full Range Fire Safety  for fire stopping is our experience and expertise. Our technicians are  trained in the latest Passive Fire Stopping techniques and are  knowledgeable about local building codes and regulations. We understand  the importance of fire stopping and work to ensure that it is installed  correctly, providing the highest level of protection for building  occupants.

  • Fire wrap
  • Fire batts
  • Fire collars
  • Fire pillows
  • Fire mastic
  • High-performance boards
  • Smoke barriers
  • Cable Coating
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